Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day camping trip

For Memorial day we went camping this year with a group of friends. It was what every camping trip should be. There was a river, a giant fire and lots of dirt. The kids had a blast and were generally pretty good. Alisha came along with a good group of people. We had a blast. It was good to get home and showered though. I took a shower after the kids took a bath and there was a lovely ring of dirt around the bathtub from their bath. It was kinda funny.
Addie was trying to get into a beer. I think she was just thirsty but it was funny watching her wrestle with the can. She lost. No beer for the baby!!Addie found a chair just her sizeMe and my friend JulieSisterly loveEthan fell asleep on Julie's lap trying so hard to stay awake by the fireAddie playing by the riverEthan can't help but get wet if there is any water aroundSitting just as cute as can beThe bark fell of this log and Ethan thought it made a great hideoutDerek was a great log sitter although he was worried Justin might trim off his butt

Addie hanging out with Auntie
1 2 3 JUMP!!

I love this pictureEthan is such a little monkeyThe kids crashed hard at the end of the nightJustin and AlishaDerek got dirty playing with the fire
Addie loved sitting on the camper steps and playing with DukeLike all little boys Ethan loves squirt gunsGRRRRR!!!!The boys went for a bike rideThe kids were all dancingMy trailer kidsThis little boy never stops moving

The Ant Farm

For Christmas Alisha got Ethan an ant farm. They don't come with ants and I rold her that I had no intention of ever setting it up. Well, she finally got around to ordering the ants and came down so that her and Ethan could set it up. It is a pretty cool little set up. The container is filled with a gel that has all the nutrients and everything that the ants need. The container also has some lights in the bottom so that you can see what it is that the ants are doing. I have two sets of pictures. One was take two days after it was set up and the other was taken a week later. It really is kindof cool. Ethan loves it. Of course Ethan and his big heart wanted to let the ants loose after a few days. Sweet kid.

After a week

Monday, May 19, 2008

Cheez-It Adventures

So, here's the step-by-step story of the Cheez-Its...

  1. 1. Addie is watching Sesame Street while Laura is making Apple Crisp in the kitchen
  2. 2. Addie gets up and goes through the baby gate since it was not latched
  3. 3. Addie walks over to the pantry and pulls out the giant box of Cheez-Its
  4. 4. Addie goes back through the gate (although this time it was locked so she had to point and grunt to get Laura to open it.
  5. 5. Addie sets the box of Cheez-Its on the end table(this is where the pictures start)
  6. 6. Addie climbs up the couch and over the arm to the end table
  7. 7. Addie sits down and continues to watch Sesame Street

I thought this was hilarious and thought I'd share it with you.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Going to the Beach!!

My parents had a trip planned to the beach. It is only about an hour and a half from us so we decided to join them for the day. It has been so beautiful here and the beach was no exception. It was about 10 degrees colder than in Olympia, but still warm and nice. Ethan was very excited to look for shells and rocks. Then he wanted to build sand castles and fly a kite. The sand was really wet so the sand castles didn't work out so well. Derek had never been to Ocean Shores so it was great to show him around a little bit. Plus I have taken him to the beach in Oregon several times and no matter what time of year we go there is never any sunshine when we are there. Finally the beach with some sun!! Now we just have to plan a trip to Canon Beach in August some time. I love the Oregon coast. Now that we have a trailer it will be even more fun. I hope you enjoy the pictures.