Monday, April 28, 2008

Mount Vernon Tulip Festival

Yesterday I was online and reading a post on and saw a list of things to do over the weekend. One of the things listed was the Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon. I had never been but have always wanted to so I decided I should. Derek was tired since we had people over the night before so I packed up the kids and we headed out and up to Mount Vernon. It is about an hour and a half drive. I managed to talk my parents into meeting me there.

The fields were beautiful. There weren't as many as I thought there would be but they were still absolutely beautiful. Just acres and acres of tulips and daffodils. It turns out we were pretty lucky to see any daffodils since it is a little late in the season but we did see them. Ethan really liked running around in the fields. The kids were really cute looking at the tulips. So, I hope you enjoy the pictures of the kids and the pictures of the flowers. I love impromtu trips like this.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Sweet Boy

So, last night we had some friends over. One of the couples has a little boy named Lawyer that Ethan adores. Anyway, right before they left (it was about midnight) I let Ethan hold Baby Lawyer. He was of course claiming that he was not tired but just sad that they were leaving (Thursday they are moving to Colorado). Here is the progression of him falling asleep. Now what I don't have a picture of unfortunately is after that last picture Ethan reached over and was rubbing Lawyer's arm with his thumb to sooth him while he was sleeping. It was the absolutely sweetest thing ever. My little boy is the sweetest little boy ever. What older brother still adores his little sister when she is 17 months old and thinks making her laugh is the greatest thing ever. He rarely even gets annoyed when she plays with his toys. He is awesome.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A couple of layouts

So, I've been working on a few layouts lately. Here's a couple I've done that I liked. I've had a bit of a creative block lately so I've been trying to push through it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone!!! Ethan has been talking about cleaning up around the neighborhood for Earth day for a couple of days but between going to the children's museum today and then Addie being sick this evening from her shots yesterday we forgot. So, as it was getting dark Ethan suddenly remembered that he needed an "Earth Plan" whatever that is. I'm guessing it just meant he needed to do something to clean up. So Derek decided they could go for a walk and clean up a little bit. They were gone for 3 Americal Idol contestants (on DVR no less so I fast forwarded through commercials) and came home with the bag seen below. Our little boy is such a sweetheart. He cares so much about stuff and people even when he doesn't really understand why. Laura was saying today it would not surprise her at all if he grew up to be a minister or something like that. So here's the wonderful trash they picked up.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Domo Arigato

This was too great not to share. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I hope everybody has had a good week. Our week hasn't been too bad. We joined the YMCA a few days ago. Derek and Ethan want to take Karate or Taekwondo classes and we found them to be pretty expensive so we decided to check out the Y. Derek gets in free because he's military so that really cut down the cost and all their classes are free. So once the next session starts up again we'll get all signed up for classes. We took the kids there yesterday to go swimming. (We were both in the water so I didn't get any pictures. Lame, I know.) Addie liked the water but couldn't stop shivering. It was weird though because she wasn't cold. She was so cute when we went into the showers. She stood under the shower just like a grown up and I think she'd have stayed there all night if I would have let her. So we might go swimming again sometime this weekend since we have the ability to do it more often now. Plus they have a rock wall and a couple of kids activity areas. It should be fun. So, let's see what kind of pictures I have for you...