Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot summer days

No commentary on this one. It was hot...there was water...they were cute

Joe's House

A few weekends ago I got a call from Stacy saying that she was going to be at her dad's house and that she thought she should head out to my house after she left there. When she mentioned it to Joe he had a better idea and thought we should head out to his house and play out there. he has a ton of property and lots of animals so I agreed to head out there with Addie Pat. We had a great time hanging out at the house and playing on the property.

Stacy had a clue how to drive the quads so she got to drive Addie around while I struggled behind
Addie loved to look at the animals but didn't like to touch them

We tried to feed the ducks but they didn't know anything at all about bread and wouldn't come to us
These horses were so nice and came right up to us
And liked to love on Stacy
and give her kissesI finally got the hang of the quad and gave Addie a ride

Addie had a blast playing with Jada's stuff
This is such an amazing view from their house