Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Drive-In movie

So, for the newest Harry Potter movie we decided to see it in the drive-in. That way we didn't need to get a sitter for Addie and the kids could just fall asleep. Plus it is fun. We got there really early since it was opening weekend...but it ended up not really being necessary. So we had to sit around for awhile until the movie started. Of course I took my camera. It was a fun time and the lighting was awesome so I ended up with some really great pics. I usually do some editing of the pics before I put them up but I didn't today. Sorry.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July

So, I meant to put this up a week ago, but obviously that didn't happen. For the 4th of July we went to a friend's family's house on a private lake in Monroe. We laid in the sun, slept, ate and did some swimming. Then we all sat on the grass and watched everyone set off fireworks. Addie is completely afraid of fireworks, as we saw at Emerald Downs. Well, for the 4th she came up with a safe zone. She kept trying to lay flat on me and Alisha's laps so I laid a towel down for her and covered her up with a blanket and this became the place she felt safe. Ethan, of course, also tried to protect her and was trying to get under the blanket and make her laugh. It worked really well. The fireworks went on for quite a while. They would go off for awhile and then stop for awhile. During one of the breaks Addie was out from under the blanket talking to Derek when all of sudden someone set off a firework across the lake and Addie dropped onto her tummy on the ground, as if she had heard a gun shot, and then quickly got under the blanket. A little while later as the fireworks started slowing down she again was out from under the blanket and another one went off. She dropped to a crouch and crawled like a duck to get under the blanket again. It was adorable even though we felt bad for her. the next day we headed home and took 4 long hours to get home. traffic was bad but not going in our direction. We stopped at a mall so that Derek and Addie could take a nap in the trailer. Derek had gotten no sleep the night before and so ethan and I went to Factoria Mall to find him a case for his DSi. Then we set off again. We decided to go home a different way and set off towards Puyallup where they have built a Sonic. Since we almost never get Sonic...only when we are out of town...we thought we would stop. It was unreal. It was not all that busy when we got there but we could see where it gets busy. They had someone to direct traffic and had rows set up for cars to drive through to wait in line to park their car and get drive in food. I love Sonic, but I doubt I would wait over two hours like some people did. This Sonic even has the staff wearing roller skates. It was fun. Well, enough blabbering and some pics for you.

Ethan was a total water baby. He was in the lake the entire time
Here is Ethan in all of his flotation gear giving Addie a ride
I don't know if you can see all of his flotation devices here, so I'll break it down...1 floatie, a noodle, a tube, a life jacket amd arm floaties. I'm pretty sure this kid won't be drowning any time soon.
Addie wet her pants...we are trying to potty train, which she is doing really well...and she wouldn't get dressed right away.
The naked baby in the hammock!!
Ethan is giving Addie another ride but is braving the water with a little less water protection.
Addie with her first sparkler this year. I was really nervous about it after she got burnt with one last year but she liked it and played just fine.
These sparklers were huge and Ethan had trouble holding it up very high
Addie's just hanging out waiting for the fireworks to start
Addie was trying to steal the neighbors golf cart
Derek just chillaxin
This is Addie right after the fireworks started panicking in Auntie's lap
More sparklers
I love these pics. Ethan tried really hard to stand still for some of them. I had my camera set up for a long exposure.
This one is my favoriteHere is Ethan getting warmed up by the fire
Here is Addie's hiding spot...obviously she is hiding in this picture
No fireworks for a few minutes...she's safe!!
Ethan is sitting by Addie here just to protect her. have I ever mentioned that he is the BEST big brother ever??
Addie is thinking about going into the water the next day
The boys took off to go fishing
Addie got splinters in her feet and needed some shoes and could only find her boots.
Here is Addie and Krissy hanging out on the hammock
Then Ethan and Addie were just chillin
One last voyage in the lake before we had to go.
Addie decided to go along with it
Then she decided she didn't enjoy that so much.