Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Miley Cyrus 9/16/2009

So, I'm a little slow. I should have done this last week, but I'm lame like that. I have the pictures from Ethan's trip to see Miley Cyrus. For those of you that don't know...Miley Cyrus is the star of a show called Hannah Montana where she plays a girl who has an alter ego as a famous girl so that she can have a normal teenage life. It is a cute show and Ethan will watch it for hours. Well, being the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, she also sings and is not half bad. Some people think she sucks but we like her. So for his birthday his auntie and my parents got him two tickets so that him and Alisha could go see the concert. To make sure he really wanted to go I had asked him before she got the tickets that she would be in town and did he want to buy a ticket to see her. After hearing how much it was he thought about it for a minute and said he would buy his ticket but me and daddy had to buy our own. And later when trying to decide if he wanted to buy something he was doing all the math in his head to make sure he'd have enough money for his ticket. So he was totally pumped for the concert.

Alisha picked him up and took him to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory in Tacoma. they got to sit in the TrolleyEthan and Alisha made a sign for him to take to the concert. He was pretty sure it was the coolest thing EVER!!!
Hanging out in front of the T-Dome
The concert was full of kids Ethan's age. Alisha said she was amazed at how glamoured up some of these little girls were. One little girl, Ethan's age, even checked my little boy out. He's 7 and already has it!!
Not sure what this pic is all about, but it made me laugh
He's always acting crazy
He's got his sign (along with a zillion other kids) and he's hoping Miley sees it
Here's Miley
Another pic of the two
Checking out the book he bought
He decided to take $30 to the concert and bought himself a poster and a book
At the last minute we found out that our friend's kiddo and Ethan's friend was going to be there too. They got AWESOME seats in the 11th row. Miley rode a motorcycle over top of them. It was all awesome and Ethan had an amazing time. (Although there was no crying because he "was just so happy!")

Monday, September 14, 2009

Derek's BIG fish

We moved into our house in May of 2006 and since then Derek has had our neighbor as a fishing buddy. They go throughout the year and often spend several days and hours on the river and have come home with almost no fish. Since 2006 I think Derek has brought home 2 fish. So then this year everything changed. Derek went out to Neah Bay and came back with lots of fish, then he switched rivers to the Puyallup and Cowlitz from the stupid fishless Nisqually. Well, it has fish but the Indians get all the fish in the nets. Today he got these crazy salmon. For those of you like me who don't know salmon this is a King (the big one) and a silver (the smaller big one). I think salmon are the ugliest fish but they are so freaking yummy. Mmmmmmmm!!! Smoked or BBQ's with butter, or slathered with teriyaki or with a creamy dill sauce. Then the smoked stuff is awesome with cream cheese on bagels or crackers or even a sandwich. Our freezer is nice and full of fish now. Ethan has even done some catching. It is too cool.

I think the King is going to eat the silver. Hahaha!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DMB 2009

So, this was year 5 at Dave Matthews. It was awesome as always. The music was amazing. We saw G-Love and the special Sauce and unfortunately missed Yonder Mountain. Dave Matthews was phenomenal as always. He played a lot of new stuff which was great to get to hear it live for the first time. All of his older music you can find Live versions of but not his new stuff yet. He also played with Tim Reynolds, who is a good friend of his and an amazing guitar player. I had never had a chance to hear them play together and it was phenomenal.

We also decided to stay at a different campsite. It was much more expensive but it was a smaller area and the people were much different. I am seriously considering trying out premier camping next year instead. It was an awesome group of us this year and we had a blast. Before everyone else got there we headed off to play at Moses Lake. That was a lot of fun. So, here are some pics...
I love this pic. It is my new profile pic for most of my websites now.

Moses Lake
Ethan acting like an old man
At the campsite
Alisha hanging out at the site
Here we were playing with some neighboring campers...it was a game of hackey-volley-soccer-kick ball. It was quite entertaining
Ethan heading after the ball
A lot of people brought pools. The kids thought that was so cool.
Walking around the site.
The kids always love hanging out in the hammock
She's one cool cat!!
More playing in the hammock
Hanging at our friend's campsite
I told them to act like they like each other.
Catching some Zzzzzz's before the show
It started raining a couple of hours before the show on Saturday and Sunday. So we got all ready for the rain
The gorge is especially gorgeous after the rain
The kids wanted to take their pic from under the bear. I have no idea!
Then from on it, but it freaked Addie out a bit
This little girl loved the concert
And i loved it
The stage, with the Columbia River running behind it