Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DMB 2009

So, this was year 5 at Dave Matthews. It was awesome as always. The music was amazing. We saw G-Love and the special Sauce and unfortunately missed Yonder Mountain. Dave Matthews was phenomenal as always. He played a lot of new stuff which was great to get to hear it live for the first time. All of his older music you can find Live versions of but not his new stuff yet. He also played with Tim Reynolds, who is a good friend of his and an amazing guitar player. I had never had a chance to hear them play together and it was phenomenal.

We also decided to stay at a different campsite. It was much more expensive but it was a smaller area and the people were much different. I am seriously considering trying out premier camping next year instead. It was an awesome group of us this year and we had a blast. Before everyone else got there we headed off to play at Moses Lake. That was a lot of fun. So, here are some pics...
I love this pic. It is my new profile pic for most of my websites now.

Moses Lake
Ethan acting like an old man
At the campsite
Alisha hanging out at the site
Here we were playing with some neighboring campers...it was a game of hackey-volley-soccer-kick ball. It was quite entertaining
Ethan heading after the ball
A lot of people brought pools. The kids thought that was so cool.
Walking around the site.
The kids always love hanging out in the hammock
She's one cool cat!!
More playing in the hammock
Hanging at our friend's campsite
I told them to act like they like each other.
Catching some Zzzzzz's before the show
It started raining a couple of hours before the show on Saturday and Sunday. So we got all ready for the rain
The gorge is especially gorgeous after the rain
The kids wanted to take their pic from under the bear. I have no idea!
Then from on it, but it freaked Addie out a bit
This little girl loved the concert
And i loved it
The stage, with the Columbia River running behind it


Emily said...

I love the picture of Derek and Addie snuggling! :)

Lori said...

looks like u had fun! i bet the kids loved it!!