Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A sunny day

Today started out as a beautiful sunny day. Washington is getting ready for spring. Of course to go along with our little bit of sunshine came a little bit of rain. Laura took the kids out to play while it was nice out and they played with the neighbors and had a great time. Afterward Laura took the kids out for ice cream. The first couple of pictures were taken a different day but I liked them. Well, I am off for vacation so if there are no posts for a couple of weeks I'm really sorry, but check anyway because I may be able to talk Laura into putting pictures up so that I can see the kids while I am on vacation.

Two of Addie's favorite things...checking herself out and playing with her belly button
Ethan's Valentine's Day loot

So, the story about this video is that Addie heard some music a group of Mexicans were listening to and started dancing. I figure it is the beginning of her salsa dancing.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Professional Pics

So, I am posting a bunch of pictures of the kids from professional photo people. The first few are from Derek's trip with the kids to Ohio. They had pictures taken of them and also their cousins Kiki and Henry. Here are Ethan's school pictures. I have them in the order they were taken. Both of them are pretty doofy, but they'll be great when we pull out pictures for his wedding or something. He is so funny and he has the best smile as long as you are not asking him to do it. Crazy boy!So, before Valentine's Day Laura had Addie and Kason at Walmart and decided that she should get pictures taken of Addie. They are really cute. I didn't put that specific picture up but they took a few other pictures and I scanned them and put them up for you. She is the biggest ham for the camera. No matter what she is doing she will look up at the camera and smile. Ethan used to be a ham like that too, now he's just a cheeseball. He thinks pictures of his tongue are cool, so that's what we usually get.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dancing Girl

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lots and lots of pictures

Shoes are yummy
I can't wait for summer so she can wear this hippie dress without a shirt underneath
The many faces of Addie
Playing with her toys
Big smiles from Ethan
She is a cutie in those PJs
Poor little boy isn't feeling good
Addie loves hugging Kason
Ethan's presentation at the "Mother-Son Dessert"
Addie loves this hat of Daddy's
Ethan still adores his sister

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Day

So, this year for Valentine's Day we decided to make it about the kids instead of each other. I figure Valentine's Day is about who you love and I adore my family and any excuse to go out as a family is a great one. So we went to this hamburger joint down the street that has awesome hamburgers and the we went to see the Spiderwick Chronicles. I knew it was a kids movie that was a little fantasy but I didn't really know what it was about. It ended up being a great choice and we all really enjoyed it. I would totally recommend it.

So, Derek made a stop on the way home and got some Valentine's gifts for all of us. For Addie he got this little pig which I will include a couple of videos from that. It is pretty cute. Laura found these little hairbows for her, which were so cute. She had to take them apart and mess with them a little bit to make it work, but it worked and they were super cute.

So this has been a crappy weekend. Addie and I were fighting a stomach bug yesterday and now today. Last night Addie had her first visit to the ER. Don't worry, she's fine. She just woke up in the middle of the night (an immediate reason for concern) and she had a really dry "barking" cough. She seemed to be having trouble swallowing and cried everytime she coughed so I took her in. My big issue with the ER is all the germs, but since I work at the hospital I didn't have to wait in the waiting room with her and headed over to the x-ray department instead to wait. I felt much better about that. Everytime I work at the hospital the first thing I do when I get home is get changed out of my scrubs. Yuck. So, if that wasn't enough for us, Ethan woke up this morning with the same stomach bug. Joyful!!

Ethan loves monster trucks!!
Look at Addie's hair all done up for Valentine's Day
Once in a while he keeps his tongue in his mouth for a cute picture
I swear I didn't do it
Ethan loves Kason

Happy Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What I do all day at work

So, since I am so busy at work doing nothing I scrapbook all day sometimes. At least today I did. I'm out of TV shows to watch I guess. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little hobby.

I used the 3 scrapateers 10 pins bowling kit and Andrea Gold's template 155

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I meant to put these up last week. Sorry!!

I've been meaning to put pictures of the kids up for awhile, but my work computer is a little tempramental. The internet system has a filter on it that sometimes won't let me onto this website and sometimes will. So, today is a day that it will let me get on here so here are some pictures.I know there are a lot more pictures of Addie than Ethan. Not for a lack of trying to get pictures of Ethan. That kid is crazy. Every picture we take seems to be of his tongue or some other craziness. Hopefully we'll get some fun pics of him soon. We have a mother son dessert coming up and we might go mini golfing next weekend. We'll see.

It snowed just a little bit a couple of weeks ago. They cancelled school for this dusting of snow. I think they played outside at about 10AM, if you notice how much snow is on the ground.

Ethan and Kason

Laura fed Addie some Chicken and dumplings, only Addie insisted on feeding herself.

This little girl has started getting into looks. I'm going to have to start trying harder to get some pictures of some of them. She just cracks me up.