Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I meant to put these up last week. Sorry!!

I've been meaning to put pictures of the kids up for awhile, but my work computer is a little tempramental. The internet system has a filter on it that sometimes won't let me onto this website and sometimes will. So, today is a day that it will let me get on here so here are some pictures.I know there are a lot more pictures of Addie than Ethan. Not for a lack of trying to get pictures of Ethan. That kid is crazy. Every picture we take seems to be of his tongue or some other craziness. Hopefully we'll get some fun pics of him soon. We have a mother son dessert coming up and we might go mini golfing next weekend. We'll see.

It snowed just a little bit a couple of weeks ago. They cancelled school for this dusting of snow. I think they played outside at about 10AM, if you notice how much snow is on the ground.

Ethan and Kason

Laura fed Addie some Chicken and dumplings, only Addie insisted on feeding herself.

This little girl has started getting into looks. I'm going to have to start trying harder to get some pictures of some of them. She just cracks me up.

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