Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Lion King

For Christmas my mom got all of us tickets to see the Lion King on February 15. We went to the Melting Pot and ate lots and lots of cheese fondue then headed over to the Paramount to see the show. It was awesome and we all really enjoyed it. If you ever have a chance to see it please do. It is basically based off of the cartoon but played out by people in a way that makes it no longer a kids production. The costumes are amazing and there were definately parts, like "The Circle of Life" that just brings goosebumps. It was awesome. Now, of course I don't have pictures of that but what I do have are a bunch of pics of Ethan. A couple of weeks ago his class went to go see a play and he wanted to dress up for it. Now he has some decent clothes but nothing extra dressy so I went and got him a shirt and tie and some dockers to wear. Oh my gosh...he was a little stud and he LOVED it. I absolutely love that he enjoys dressing up when it is appropriate and is even th eone to suggest it. The very last picture is of him with the two kids who played Simba and Nala as kids. They were very sweet.

Cast off

After 4 weeks in a cast Ethan finally got it take off. It is much different than it used to be with a hard cast on for at least 8 weeks, but 4 weeks it was. We saw the x-rays and his bone was definately healing. He's a little scared to use it and has been avoiding going back to Taekwondo practices but I think we have a plan so that he'll be okay with it. Anyway, here's our adventures at the ortho doc getting his cast off. He was pretty excited. He was especially excited that it didn't really stink or look funny.

Silly pictures

So, I have been bad and my usual once a week posting has been stretched out to two-ish weeks so I have a couple of posts for you I think today. So in this post I will just have some silly pictures that I've got.

Doesn't she have the most beautiful eyes??
My sweet sweet boy
Isn't she sexy??
This was so cute watching them wrestle. Ethan was not even a little bit rough with her and they were laughing and giggling the whole time.So, I'm not sure I can explain what was going on right here but it was so extremely funny I am going to try. So, Addie was laying on her back and started say "o-o-o-o-o and moving her hands back and forth away from her face. I have no idea what she was doing or why but it cracked me up and she thought it was hilarious. She kept doing it over and over again. It was great.
Addie decided to decorate her room. Isn't it beautiful? I love the crib art.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

So, for Valentine's Day I made little treatbags for Ethan. I'm usually all about the silly little cards but I saw something about making crayons into hearts so I wanted to try it out and have Ethan give those out for Valentine's Day. Ethan helped a lot. He helped me peel and break crayons, put crayons into the molds, and stuff bags. It was a lot of fun. Then I used a scrapbook kit from the lady I scrap for at Sweet Genevieve Designs and made little bag toppers. It was way fun. So here is the website with all of my instructions and stuff plus pictures...

Cristian's Birthday

Most of you know that we have an extra kidlet for a month. It has been interesting to say the least but we are starting to find out way and things are starting to come together. I can only imagine how big of a change Cristian must be going through. We all get very used to our lives and kids are no different. They roll with the punches better than adults but it still hits them. But he's doing awesome and so are we. So, unfortunately his mom's days in the field fell over his birthday. He was still excited about his birthday though. The night before his birthday we put the boys to bed at the usual 8:30. I got home a little bit late but I was downstairs putting frosting on the cupcakes for him to take to school. I heard Derek talking to one of the boys upstairs. Then he kinda laughed and made a comment about him already being dressed and everything. I knew it couldn't be Ethan since he'd live in his pajamas if we let him but i still called up the stairs and asked. I had Derek send Cristian down and let him help me put sprinkles on the cupcakes. And of course I let him have a sampling of the cupcakes...just to make sure he liked them. So, here's some pics:

Cristian coming downstairs at 10:30PM
Sprinkling the cupcakes
Testing the cupcakes
The "ice cream cone" cupcakes I made for his birthday at school
Waking up in the morning
He says he's 7 years old!!

Some fun pics for the week.

So, I thought I should put up some more pics. I haven't in a while. So, here they are.

This is Ethan's Piano but Addie loves to play with it too. Don't worry mom I am still trying to get him into lessons.
Addie had a very cranky evening. She wouldn't take a nap so she spent most of the evening crying because she was soooooo tired.
Daddy always makes all things better.
Cranky girl!!Playing with Play-do. A rare occurance because I HATE play-do
She wanted to but could not get that shirt off of her head
The tickle fest. I am so glad I didn't get sucked into this one.