Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taekwondo Videos

Ethan's 1st TKD Belt test

Ethan had his very first belt testing last night for Taekwondo. It was so cool. I took a ton of pictures (although not as many as I would have if I'd had my nifty new camera) and some videos. I was so proud of him. He was amazingly focused most of the time and seemed to know what he was doing unless he started watching everyone else. I thought he would be much more all over the place than he was and he wasn't at all. Taekwondo has been really good for him and it was so fun to watch him learn and grow.

I don't have the videos uploaded to Youtube yet but as soon as I do I will update this post. Sorry about the earlier post. I hit enter and it went through. So here are some pics for you guys.

Stretching before the event. Can you believe he can do the splits? How crazy is that??
More stretching
Waiting for instructions
Kicks for the actual testing
Combative stuff. his partner was only 4 and was all over the place so Ethan was having a hard time doing his stuff but he was sure trying to get the kid focused.
Ethan broke his first board. He was so proud of himself.
Ethan getting his new belt and certificate
My crazy kid tied his old belt around all of his stuff.
Ethan holding his certificate and old belt while wearing his new belt.

Videos to come.

Monday, April 27, 2009

National Take Your Child to Work Day

So, last Thursday was National "Take your child to work day." The day before Derek and Ethan talked about it and Ethan understood that Derek was going to wake him up and take him in when he went in the next morning. All last week Derek had to weigh and measure people for the PT test and had to go in super early. I think he was dropping poor Addie off at 5:30ish daycare.

So the morning that Ethan was supposed to be going to work with him I was woke up at 5:00ish to Ethan sobbing absolutely hysterically. He cries sometimes but not like this. So I called to him to come into my room and then heard the front door shut. He tried to explain to me what was going on as he walked up the stairs but he was so upset he didn't make much sense. So he got into my room and climbed into my bed and told me through his tears that Daddy was supposed to wake him up and take him to work but he just left without him. I wasn't home the night before so i didn't know much about their plan. So apparently Ethan woke up when Derek was getting in his car and driving off so Ethan jumped out of his bed and flew down the stairs trying to catch him to go to work with him and Derek didn't see or hear him. So then Ethan tried crying louder hoping Derek would hear him with no luck. So when I heard him he was so upset. After I finally woke up a little bit we called Derek to find out what was going on. Derek's plan was to finish the measuring stuff then come back and get Ethan. So we reset the alarm and went back to sleep now that Ethan knew that he wasn't completely forgotten and deserted as he was thinking. It was so sad watching him feel so sad and hurt.

So, once we got up I got him dressed in his scrubs that we got him for when Addie was born and Derek came back and got him like he planned. They got all geared up and rode the motorcycle in. (I looked it up the other day and you only have to be 5 to ride on the back of a motorcycle. Yay!!) So Derek and Ethan got to hang out in the MRI department for half a day. Ethan loved it. Then they scanned Ethan's head so that he could see if there was anything in there. (Don't worry...MRI uses no radiation). He thought it was the coolest thing ever. So here are some pics from their day...Ethan could not keep his eyes open for a picture for nothing.

Ethan showing his dad how to sleep while working, I guess
Ethan can never resist an opportunity to be silly!!One of Derek's co-workers, Jenny, showing Ethan a little bit about MRI.
Ethan thinking about how cool it is to be there...or something like that

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring has sprung

With the weather being so nice we have been going to the park a lot. The park is always a fun place to take pics of the kids. Of course it is also the place that has me on a new camera kick. Now I want a fancy camera so that I can take super gorgeous pics of the kids. Well, these pics were pretty cute even without a fancy camera.

Alaska Pics...longtime coming

I cannot believe how long it took me to get these up. No cool points for me. Well, here are the pics from th eboys trip to Alaska. It sounds like they had a blast. Lots of snow, skiing, BBQs and strange parties. Ethan and Henry had a blast playing together. They played in the snow and played Bakugan. I am so glad that they got to spend some time together. are the pics.

They had a party to go to and the theme was short-shorts long-socks
Thanks Jodie for lending these crazy shorts to Derek
Here is everyone playing in the snow...
Here are the older boys on a cross country ski adventure
Ethan and Henry on the magic carpet. By the end of the week Ethan was a skiing machine and keeping up with Henry
Here's Henry
Here the boys comeGo Ethan GoGo Henry GoEthan againHere are the boys playing in the snow at Brian and Selita's
Hiking in the snow again
Derek taking a break
Hot chocolate is always yummy in the snow
Ethan is just chillin' in the snow
Brian's rockin' his 80's snow gear!! Love the pink helmet!!
Selita, Henry & Brian
Derek, Ethan, Henry & Brian
Henry & Ethan
Ethan, Selita, Henry & Brian
Henry has his rockstar outfit on for some guitar playing with dad
Ethan and Henry getting cozy on the couch
I'm so glad they enjoyed each other this week
Tattoo time. Ethan was soproud of his tattos when he got home that he didn't want to wash himself when he got home. Thanks Uncle Brian for inking up my boy!!
Here are some gorgeous pics taken up there. Many of them were taken within a quarter mile of Brian and Selita's house...if not from the yard.