Thursday, April 23, 2009

Alaska Pics...longtime coming

I cannot believe how long it took me to get these up. No cool points for me. Well, here are the pics from th eboys trip to Alaska. It sounds like they had a blast. Lots of snow, skiing, BBQs and strange parties. Ethan and Henry had a blast playing together. They played in the snow and played Bakugan. I am so glad that they got to spend some time together. are the pics.

They had a party to go to and the theme was short-shorts long-socks
Thanks Jodie for lending these crazy shorts to Derek
Here is everyone playing in the snow...
Here are the older boys on a cross country ski adventure
Ethan and Henry on the magic carpet. By the end of the week Ethan was a skiing machine and keeping up with Henry
Here's Henry
Here the boys comeGo Ethan GoGo Henry GoEthan againHere are the boys playing in the snow at Brian and Selita's
Hiking in the snow again
Derek taking a break
Hot chocolate is always yummy in the snow
Ethan is just chillin' in the snow
Brian's rockin' his 80's snow gear!! Love the pink helmet!!
Selita, Henry & Brian
Derek, Ethan, Henry & Brian
Henry & Ethan
Ethan, Selita, Henry & Brian
Henry has his rockstar outfit on for some guitar playing with dad
Ethan and Henry getting cozy on the couch
I'm so glad they enjoyed each other this week
Tattoo time. Ethan was soproud of his tattos when he got home that he didn't want to wash himself when he got home. Thanks Uncle Brian for inking up my boy!!
Here are some gorgeous pics taken up there. Many of them were taken within a quarter mile of Brian and Selita's house...if not from the yard.

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