Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gone Bowling

So, Ethan has been bugging us to go bowling for a couple of weeks so today we decided to go bowling. Derek slipped on the ice yesterday so he wasn't sure if he would be able to go so I asked a few people by my parents house, but since it was last minute everyone seemed to have other plans. So, we went back home and tried to go bowling on post. Of course today had to be the day for league bowling so thanks to our GPS we found the next closest place in Olympia and finally got to go bowling. Derek even decided to come even though his arm was really bothering him where he fell. So, bowling was a blast. They can program the lanes so that the bumpers only come up for some players. So unlike when I was a kid, Ethan didn't get a zillion gutter balls. It's awesome.
So, he was happy about the bowling trip. I have a ton of pictures from our outing. I'm sure I drove the people in the neighboring lanes crazy with all the flashing, but who cares. I got fun pictures. Ethan's version of bowling was pretty funny. He would run to the end of the lane and then basically drop the ball.Half of the time the ball would barely make it to the end of the lane, but it was great and we all had a blast. So, here's the pictures:

Some silly pictures

Addie loves to read books
Addie likes to get into this shelf but then can't get out. I think I remember a little boy doing the same thing. Crazy kids.
Laura and Addie
Addie likes her big brother's rocking horse
Quit taking my picture and get me a bottle!!!
Always silly faces
Ethan likes to rock on his rocking horse with his sister on hers
This girl is always covered in snot. Yuck!!
Ethan loves to play games and he likes to talk on the phone. So why not both at athe same time??

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monster Jam

Jack called me a few weeks ago to suggest that him and Derek take Ethan to the monster truck show at the Tacoma Dome. Sounded like a good idea so that's what we planned on. Of course it landed on the weekend that Derek was on call at Tacoma General so we had tickets for one adult and Ethan but weren't sure how we were going to make it work and we knew it would be up in the air until an hour or two before the show. Things got more complicated when I got sick the day before and Addie was spitting up for some reason, making us not sure if she was sick or what was going on with her. So, that morning Derek and I were both feeling sick. Since Derek did have to work we decided that I would take Ethan to the show so that Derek could go home and get some sleep. So I met up with Jack, NIki, Stacy, Kirk, and Alisha at the show. We had so much fun. To my surprise the person who enjoyed the show the most was Addie. Once she got used to the earplugs and figured out what they were for she was grinning from ear to ear the entire time. It was great. So, here's some pictures for ya.

Gravedigger - Ethan's favorite (and everybody elses) Monster Truck

Ethan wanted in the picture but it was still LOUD!!

Stacy and Kirk sitting with Addie Paddie
Ethan sitting with Uncle Jack and Niki

Auntie loves both of the little ones

Addie loves Monster Trucks!!!

Addie actually found me in the sea of people and was waving at me!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Years Pics

So, here are some pictures I have from New Years.
Addie and Stacy
We decided that you can marry or date your way into our 20 year crab puff making tradition

Uncle Jack is always good for a piggy back ride, even during a pool game.

Derek loves being a daddy

Addie and Kirk say "AAAAAHHH!!!"

Our little monster

Addie doesn't want to share her snack with Dave

Addie wants Niki to throw her up in the air all night long

I promise I didn't give her the alcohol

The family with Uncle Jack and Niki

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I found this video that Laura took and wanted to share it. I hope you like it. Things here have been good although Addie is getting in some molars, which has been a little hard on her. Her sinuses are kicking her butt and she's had some fevers. Poor baby girl. Hopefully between lots of naps, tylenol and teething tablets this will go by quickly.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Some videos for ya!!

So, we had a great weekend and we got some video I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy them.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Playing in the Snow

Derek and I decided to take the kids up to Snoqualamie pass and go tubing. They have a great little tubing lift area with about 8-10 hills and a lift where you get to lay in the tube and get pulled up the hill. We had a great time. Addie liked it for a little while but when she was done she definately let us know. Afterwards Derek, a couple of friends and Ethan went snow shoeing for a while. Derek decided to go for a ride on a tree and got flung off of it. I do not currently have the play by play pictures of this but as soon as I do I will put them up. I hope you enjoy the pics that I put up.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's going to be a great year

I hope everyone has already begun a great new year. It is so weird to think that another year has already passed. As soon as midnight hit Ethan sat on my lap and told me how this was the year he was going to be 6 and start 1st grade. I am slowly realizing that the kids are not going to stop growing up and I will continue to get older.

My wish for everybody this year is to enjoy life. Not just like we all say, let's enjoy life. But take opportunities when you have them. Don't wait for tomorrow or next week, or when you have more time. Do it now, whatever "it" might be. I'm not the best at it but I am going to try.

Here's some pictures of the kids that Laura took the other day. Enjoy them.