Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Years Pics

So, here are some pictures I have from New Years.
Addie and Stacy
We decided that you can marry or date your way into our 20 year crab puff making tradition

Uncle Jack is always good for a piggy back ride, even during a pool game.

Derek loves being a daddy

Addie and Kirk say "AAAAAHHH!!!"

Our little monster

Addie doesn't want to share her snack with Dave

Addie wants Niki to throw her up in the air all night long

I promise I didn't give her the alcohol

The family with Uncle Jack and Niki

1 comment:

Laura McGee said...

i love all the pictures and the video :) i love that addie was like "im outta here" within 5 seconds! lol :)