Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hanging with the Genzel kidlets

This is our last sitting around time with the genzel's and Ethan in true over-done fashion had to dress up in a 3 year old Pooh outfit and looked like a Winnie the Pooh that hadn't eaten in 4 winters. And here is Gabriel with his new birthday present Nerf gun from Ethan. Just had to make sure Aleta didn't miss us too much.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Mama's girls...Alisha, Clara and a pseudo-daughter Katie

If ever we were to have had another sister Katie would have been it. I'm the uptight, bossy, mama type. Alisha is the business minded, focused on her future all the time type and Katie is the Silly, Push the rules a little only because it would kinda be fun, you know it would be, but don't push them too much, let's go on an adventure type. Makes for a nice rounded 3-girl set. Don't mess with us cuz we'll kick your butt and if you give us a little time we can plan you the perfect tattoo I'm sure. :)

Katie and my Mama

Katie and my Mama, originally uploaded by clara.riggle.

These two may no longer work at Surface Art together but they still love and adore each other and my mom has always treated her in a daughterish way. So much so that when she gets frustrated with her She yell Kathryn Marie...(her middle name is actually Elizabeth, but my mom throws in my middle name for emphasis). Hopefully miss Katie will visit my Mama often and be super silly so that on those days she misses me lots Katie will make her laugh and not feel so sad.

Addie Loves her Uncle Jack

Addie Loves her Uncle Jack, originally uploaded by clara.riggle.

Oh yes she does, as does Ethan, along with so many other people they are going to miss. It still hasn't really hit me that we are leaving and that we will not me just a few minutes away from everyone. My parents moving closer to us for our last few months here has been truly amazing and I am so blessed on the timing of that. I am so thankful that we have so many people to love and to love us back.

Addie & Rick Arguing about Pedals

I'm trying to figure out how to blog from Flickr...unfortunately, I think I can only blog one pic at a time. Very sad. This is a picture of Addie and Rick where I told Addie to run over his toes because he was making fun of me and Derek because she has a really cool bike that has no pedals so she can learn balance. We think it is cool but Rick thinks it is lame. Well Rick... :P