Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Oh, I'm a bit behind on things to be grateful for so I'll add a bit.

  • I am so thankful to be able to spend the holidays with my family this year
  • I get to spend an hour at church tomorrow because we live in a country where we can believe in whatever we want to.
  • I have a job that I may not love everyday but I love what i do.
  • My husband is currently home cleaning
  • Ethan has family that wants to kidnap him for the weekend and play

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am so grateful to know you and have you in my life!!

Addie turns 2

I am amazingly the parent of a six year old and now of a two year old. I cannot believe my baby girl is actually 2. She is growing so fast and learning faster than I thought possible after watching Ethan learn. So, for her 2nd birthday we had her a little dinner gathering of our friends who live in Lacey. I made macaroni and cheese because she LOVES it. It was a good night and she had a lot of fun, which is always the goal.

I had Derek pick up this balloon for her. It sings and so by the time we were singing Happy Birthday to her she was singing "Happy to you!" She's so excited to be 2Yummy Capri SunShe loves her new hat and gloves!!All the kids loved watching her open presentsHer pretty presents were so much fun to rip openSince I had to work...Laura was sweet enough to make the cake for us. Thanks Laura!!She's waiting for her cake!!And there it is. Yumma!!She loves her brother's toys too!Addie and Breanna liked to play in the Princess castleAddie loves Miss Niki
Cristian?? What's going on with your shirt??Ethan loves to hang out with his Uncle JackAddie and NikiI think Addie likes Niki better than her Uncle Jack. Uh! Oh!And here are a couple of extra fun pictures of the kiddos!!
Laundry Monster Kids

he didn't want to wear a diaper or sit on the potty so she sat on her little chair and pouted.

Addie's birthday party

So, here are the pictures from Addie's second birthday party. her birthday fell on a Thursday so we had a little party up at my parents' house with all of our friends and family up in that area. We had a great turnout and I think everyone had a blast.

Derek took Addie for little restful ride right before the party to rest her up a little bit. I think she was still a bit cranky.
Margo brought Addie some Birthday Princess stuff
She's not quite sure what she thinks about all that
Maybe being a princess could be kinda fun
Alisha and Julie have other ideas for princess jewelery
I don't even know what to say about my dad's Princess plansThere were lots of friends and kids who came for the festivities
Mom, Cathy, Rick and Derek
Derek, Cathy and Ethan
Titi (Alisha) and Stacy
Alisha and Julie Q
Justin and his Mama
Margo and her kidlets
Naomi and Sebastian
Bodhi and his new best friend Ethan
Ethan was so excited to play with all the kids at Addie's party
Chad and Margo
Me, Mom and Naomi
We like each other once in awhile
Bodhi is telling Julie all about the cake
Ethan is so silly and so creative with all sorts of stuff around the house. Who'd have thought some yellow cups could turn a little boy into a monster?
My friend Naomi makes cakes so I thought it would be fun for her to do Addie's birthday cake. She came up with these beautiful and super yummy cupcakes.
I left the candle at home so a party lite candle did the trick.
Addie loved the cake so much we had to strip her down so that her whole body could taste it!!
Here she is trying to lick her elbow again
Addie loved her presentsJulie had no idea that a little dog would make such a great hat My Little Ponies are the best!!
Clover loved her own tea set so much she thought addie should have one too
And Clover thought that since her Daddy plays tea party with her...he should play with Addie too. Chad you are awesome!!
Elmo gives kisses???
This was my favorite part of the presents. Addie got a baby buggy from her grandma and grandpa that she can push all her new babies around in. Well, Clover thought it was pretty cool too so they had some baby buggy wars!!
Addie gets the buggy
She's checking it out
Clover says "That's cool"
Addie says "Yes it is and it is all mine!!"
Clover says "But I want to play with it"
Addie says "Let's wrestle!"
Clover over powers Addie for just a quick second
And the Addie gets back control
And Clover walks away defeated as Addie takes off to play all by herself.
My beautiful 2 year old girl!!Family portraitsThey are such sweet siblings