Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Addie turns 2

I am amazingly the parent of a six year old and now of a two year old. I cannot believe my baby girl is actually 2. She is growing so fast and learning faster than I thought possible after watching Ethan learn. So, for her 2nd birthday we had her a little dinner gathering of our friends who live in Lacey. I made macaroni and cheese because she LOVES it. It was a good night and she had a lot of fun, which is always the goal.

I had Derek pick up this balloon for her. It sings and so by the time we were singing Happy Birthday to her she was singing "Happy to you!" She's so excited to be 2Yummy Capri SunShe loves her new hat and gloves!!All the kids loved watching her open presentsHer pretty presents were so much fun to rip openSince I had to work...Laura was sweet enough to make the cake for us. Thanks Laura!!She's waiting for her cake!!And there it is. Yumma!!She loves her brother's toys too!Addie and Breanna liked to play in the Princess castleAddie loves Miss Niki
Cristian?? What's going on with your shirt??Ethan loves to hang out with his Uncle JackAddie and NikiI think Addie likes Niki better than her Uncle Jack. Uh! Oh!And here are a couple of extra fun pictures of the kiddos!!
Laundry Monster Kids

he didn't want to wear a diaper or sit on the potty so she sat on her little chair and pouted.

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