Monday, February 25, 2008

Professional Pics

So, I am posting a bunch of pictures of the kids from professional photo people. The first few are from Derek's trip with the kids to Ohio. They had pictures taken of them and also their cousins Kiki and Henry. Here are Ethan's school pictures. I have them in the order they were taken. Both of them are pretty doofy, but they'll be great when we pull out pictures for his wedding or something. He is so funny and he has the best smile as long as you are not asking him to do it. Crazy boy!So, before Valentine's Day Laura had Addie and Kason at Walmart and decided that she should get pictures taken of Addie. They are really cute. I didn't put that specific picture up but they took a few other pictures and I scanned them and put them up for you. She is the biggest ham for the camera. No matter what she is doing she will look up at the camera and smile. Ethan used to be a ham like that too, now he's just a cheeseball. He thinks pictures of his tongue are cool, so that's what we usually get.

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