Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A sunny day

Today started out as a beautiful sunny day. Washington is getting ready for spring. Of course to go along with our little bit of sunshine came a little bit of rain. Laura took the kids out to play while it was nice out and they played with the neighbors and had a great time. Afterward Laura took the kids out for ice cream. The first couple of pictures were taken a different day but I liked them. Well, I am off for vacation so if there are no posts for a couple of weeks I'm really sorry, but check anyway because I may be able to talk Laura into putting pictures up so that I can see the kids while I am on vacation.

Two of Addie's favorite things...checking herself out and playing with her belly button
Ethan's Valentine's Day loot

So, the story about this video is that Addie heard some music a group of Mexicans were listening to and started dancing. I figure it is the beginning of her salsa dancing.

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