Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tolmie State Park

I know the idea of a beach in Washington seems a little strange. In all honesty, it is strange. I love all the water here, even the rain, but the beaches here are a little weird. Last weekend was my neighbor's birthday and she wanted to go down to the beach a few miles from home with her grandkids. So me and Addie joined her. Ethan was at my parents' house and didn't get to come. so I grabbed my camera and went a little crazy. It was kinda cold, but a beautiful day.

This look on her face just cracks me up.
She was real quick to hike up her pants, kick off her shoes and get wet.
I'm not sure there is much to say about a lot of these pics. I think my girl is just gorgeous and in a gorgeous setting.
You are never too young to learn about showing crack. I did get her to learn how to try and pull up her pants when they start hanging down.
More sweetness
Hanging out with the neighbor kids. They are all within a few months of each other, with Addie being the youngest.
They found a jelly fish
Addie thought it was yucky and wouldn't touch it
Then Caden touched it
So she checks it out real close
and not wanting to be out done by a boy...
she reaches down and gives it a good poke
but she still thinks it is icky!!
Posing in the water for her mama. She is such a ham!!

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