Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Ethan B!

Ethan's birthday was last Friday and we had quite the day. I was able to take the day off to spend with him and we had a plan. We started with biscuits and gravy while watching the Hannah Montana movie. In case you don't already know Ethan is a huge Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus fan. It is pretty cute. After that we picked up his friend Cristian and we headed off to watch G-Force, a silly movie about guinea pigs that are special agents. It was pretty cute. After the movie we headed off to get Derek and Addie and head up to Seattle for his surprise birthday festivities. We started with the Spaghetti Factory with the family. We ate good food, had cake and ice cream and of course presents. He got Legos, which are always a hit, a couple of tickets to see Miley Cyrus in concert at the Tacoma Dome and our gift which told him where we were going after dinner. He opened the bag to find a Mariners jacket and hat. He loves the Mariners (not the Indians!!!!!!!) And then we headed off to the game. He had a great time and then went home with his grandparents. I think it was a pretty good birthday. Here's some pics...

Ethan is always being silly and recently has decided he cannot give me a good picture.
Here Grandpa is giving him a hard time for not letting me get a good picture.
Everybody loves spaghetti
Addie kept stealing drinks of Ethan's Italian soda
Auntie picked out this cake for Ethan. It was pretty cool and very yummy
Blowing out the candles...not quite one breath but he sure tried.
Ethan thought this was hilarious...well, it was pretty funny
More silly pics

Ethan loved getting Mariner's gear.
Batting practice with his new Mariner's gear.

More pics of Ethan being difficult to take pics of. Grrr!!

Ethan and Riley

Aren't we cool parents? Of course as it was coming up some lady decided that was the time she had to get up and move. Stupid lady!! Ethan saw it, so it was all good.

I just love this picture of Addie with Justin

If you are a kid you can't beat a box of candy for each year.

This girl loves stickers, especially My Little Pony ones from her Aunt Stacy

Addie loves Miss Niki (soon to be Aunt Niki)

Addie loves to honk Daddy's nose

Uncle Jack got stuck holding all of the beer

Jeff and Michelle are always silly

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