Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Drive-In movie

So, for the newest Harry Potter movie we decided to see it in the drive-in. That way we didn't need to get a sitter for Addie and the kids could just fall asleep. Plus it is fun. We got there really early since it was opening weekend...but it ended up not really being necessary. So we had to sit around for awhile until the movie started. Of course I took my camera. It was a fun time and the lighting was awesome so I ended up with some really great pics. I usually do some editing of the pics before I put them up but I didn't today. Sorry.

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danger girl said...

Hi Clara! This looks like fun! How was the movie? I've been debating seeing it at the drive-in, but I'm worried that it will be too dark and hard to follow. Was it a good "drive-in movie"?

I have fond memories of family outings to the drive-in when I was a kid.