Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone!!! Ethan has been talking about cleaning up around the neighborhood for Earth day for a couple of days but between going to the children's museum today and then Addie being sick this evening from her shots yesterday we forgot. So, as it was getting dark Ethan suddenly remembered that he needed an "Earth Plan" whatever that is. I'm guessing it just meant he needed to do something to clean up. So Derek decided they could go for a walk and clean up a little bit. They were gone for 3 Americal Idol contestants (on DVR no less so I fast forwarded through commercials) and came home with the bag seen below. Our little boy is such a sweetheart. He cares so much about stuff and people even when he doesn't really understand why. Laura was saying today it would not surprise her at all if he grew up to be a minister or something like that. So here's the wonderful trash they picked up.

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