Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Sweet Boy

So, last night we had some friends over. One of the couples has a little boy named Lawyer that Ethan adores. Anyway, right before they left (it was about midnight) I let Ethan hold Baby Lawyer. He was of course claiming that he was not tired but just sad that they were leaving (Thursday they are moving to Colorado). Here is the progression of him falling asleep. Now what I don't have a picture of unfortunately is after that last picture Ethan reached over and was rubbing Lawyer's arm with his thumb to sooth him while he was sleeping. It was the absolutely sweetest thing ever. My little boy is the sweetest little boy ever. What older brother still adores his little sister when she is 17 months old and thinks making her laugh is the greatest thing ever. He rarely even gets annoyed when she plays with his toys. He is awesome.

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