Sunday, May 27, 2007

White Water Rafting

So, as I mentioned before we got to go white water rafting while we were in Tennessee on the Nolichucky River. We had some people that Debby knew watch the kids and off we went for the day. I have never been. I guess the water was really low so the ride wasn't as bumpy as they were used to but it was a blast. While we were there we found out that they were looking for trainees as river guides, so Ashley has decided to go for it. I am now motivated to find someplace around here and drag my dad and sister along with us to do it again.

While we were there we were told of a story of the town of Erwin and how they hung an elephant for killing somebody. The crazy things they do in the south. Here's a website with the story:

I don't think I mentioned before how much we loved the south. The people there are so nice. It was like being in another country down there. The people sound different, the food is different and like I said everyone is so nice. If it weren't for the summers I think I wouldn't mind living down there.

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Debby Hutton said...

Check us out...we are so cool!! I am so glad that we had the chance to go...wish the water would have been higher!!