Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day. I got to spend it with my dad and my husband. That always makes for a good weekend. Ethan got to see his Aunt Stacy this weekend because she graduated from college. YAY STACE!!!!! We are so excited for her. Its been a long time coming. Ethan also got to see his Uncle Jack which is always a thrill for him. Stacy will be moving in with Alisha in a couple of weeks. They are both pretty excited about that.

So, at Stacy's party Ethan got ahold of some ribbon and after a while I thought it would be funny to tie it around him. I didn't know it was two pieces so once I found that out another piece went around his feet. He thought it was quite funny and he hopped all over the house like that. He's quite the hopper. Of course I didn't think to video tape any of it until the very end so that's what you get. Enjoy it. I also am putting up a video of Addie standing up all by herself to get some chocolate ice cream. Like any girl she loves some chocolate ice cream. I'm also including a picture of her teeth. Not a great picture of her by any means, but I'll add one of those too. Have a great week every body. Be prepared to hear all about her walking and stuff in the very near future.
Addie's first two teeth

All tied up!!

Addie's play house

Our crazy boy!!

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no cupcake papers! :(