Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Cranky Day

So, we all had a cranky day today. I think we are all just too tired and can't get caught up on sleep. So, what am I doing??? I'm staying up late and messing around on the computer. Oh well. We did have something exciting happen today. You will have to watch the video and find out for yourself. I have some videos on the side but I'm going to try and put one up here. When you check them click on the tab to make it full size or else it will stay distorted.

We've got some stuff getting ready to change soon. Ethan starts soccer up again in a few weeks. That is always fun. I will be switching clinics I work in at the beginning of September. I'll work for the same hospital but just at a different clinic. The new clinic is only 5 minutes (literally...Derek and I timed it tonight). away from our house. How can you beat that? Ashley is officially moving out here now. The ticket has been bought. We are very excited about that. Laura is getting closer to having her baby. It's starting to freak me out a bit. I don't have an offical plan yet to cover while she's out. If you have any suggestions...

Derek and Ethan went camping last weekend and left me and Addie at home. I'm including pictures of the trip. They did a hiking trip so they only camped with what they could carry. Ethan only had to carry his sleeping bag so that left Derek and our friend Steve with everything else. They had a blast. Meanwhile, Addie and I stayed home and went school clothes shopping for Ethan. Kindergarten is the most exciting and heartbreaking thing ever. I am totally going to be the parent who follows the bus to school. I guess I won't actually follow the bus but I'll put Ethan on the bus and then sit in the school parking lot until I see him get off the bus.

Ethan and Derek hiking up the hill

Ethan and Steve setting up camp with Gryff and Murphy

Ethan loves camping and hiking with Dad
Can't forget a sleeping baby picture
Sorry guys, I tried but I can't figure out how to include a video. Check out a video link instead to the right. Love ya!!!


Laura McGee said...

she's not suppose to walk yet!! she is getting so big so quick! what happened to the baby that slept the entire day when i started! lol

The Lil Sis said...

Oh! I can't believe it, my little one is walking???? I'm with Laura, what happened? Now she's going to really get into everything just like her big bro!!!! Haha, let me know when you need a night or weekend off, I'd love the both of them. Actually, with just me we should keep it to one night! Love ya!

Ashley said...

I agree. This whole ethan going to school thing is weird! I wish I could be there right now to give you a giant hug! I bet you wont be the only mom in the parking lot ^_^ Ethan looks like he had a blast!