Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Our new kitties!

So, our poor kitty Sammy recently ran away. I have had him for a long time and I am very sad that he is gone, as is Ethan. He has been a really good cat for us and was always very tolerant of Ethan's onstant harassment of him. But now he's gone. So, I decided we should get a new cat. Derek wasn't so sure but I finally convinced him we should get a new one. He agreed to one but I decided to get two so that Ethan and Ashley could each have their own. I am surprised that our marriage survived the night but it's all worked out and we now have two kittens. Ethan's is the grey one and he named it Alex. Ashley's is the multi-colored one and she named him Nanu. He's a runt and is teeny tiny. They are super cute. here's some pics.

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