Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy halloween!!!!

Hello again!! I have some pictures from last night to share. The kids were so cute in their costumes. Thanks mom so much for helping me make it happen. We got to visit a friend of ours who was visiting from san Antonio and her and her mom fed us some awesome Korean food so that we would have some sustenance for trick or treating then we headed over to Fort Lewis to go trick or treating. Ethan did quite well and now begins the battle about how much candy he can eat. The kids also went to a little Halloween party hosted by the housing office on post. They had a costume contest and some food and games. The costume contest was a little weird and strange costumes won. I am amazed at how few people make costumes anymore. I need to work hard this year to learn how to sew so that I can start making the costumes. I can only handle seeing so many stuffed animals, disney princesses and super heroes. I'm guessing Addie will be a clown for several years. Notice Ethan's shoes in the pictures. We put his own converse on and then put mine over top of them so that he had big clown feet. Once again, thanks mom for the idea. Everything worked out great.


Grandma said...

Too cute. Thanks for the pictures!

Leanne said...

Clara, it was so wonderful to see you and the family! Ethan and Addie are SO ADORABLE! Thanks for putting the pics online. XOXO