Monday, November 5, 2007

More silly pictures

Hey guys here are some pictures from the past few days. Things here have been good. I got to go on a little retreat with my mom, sister, aunt and a friend of ours. It was great just hanging out with the girls for 24 hours. Then we came straight back to reality and that was great too. Right now we are all sick. I'm almost better, Derek has been better for about a week, Ethan is in the middle of it and it seems as though Ashley may be getting it. I hope that Addie is resilient enough to stay healthy. Kids are so strange when they are sick. Before tylenol they are all sweet and cuddly and calm and then the tylenol kicks in and its as though all the energy they haven't had comes out at one time and they are crazy. Or maybe that's just Ethan. Hopefully we'll all be well and healthy soon. I've been trying to force feed Ashley dayquil, hoping it never hits her too hard. I think the nighttime fevers are the worst of the whole sickness because you just sleep like crap. I hope all of you are feeling well and staying away from all the crud going around. Make sure to get your flu shots. I used to refuse to get them but now that they no longer use live vaccines in the shots I have avoided the flu many times when it has gone through my own house. Drink lots of water.

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