Friday, May 2, 2008

Water Babies

So here are some pictures of the 3rd time we took the kids swimming. The first time we went Addie got really cold and seemed to like it but was just shivering so bad. Ethan had a noodle around him the whole time and right at the end realized that he could touch the bottom and keep his head above the water. The 2nd time I took the kids by myself. Addie did a lot better. After the first time I went to Target to find her a suit with sleeves to keep her warmer. It actually helped quite a bit. She did better but still wasn't extremely into it. Then this last time we went Addie was a water super star and Ethan was so busy jumping into the pool he could careless that we were even there. I got some pictures of him but he was harder to get. Addie was very excited about the water. She tried blowing bubbles, didn't mind getting her face wet, laid on her tummy and her back and kicked her legs for us. She was a super star. I cannot believe that Ethan is big enough to stand up in the pool. It is a 3 foot pool but still. I didn't think I had a little boy that tall. Anyway, here's a bunch of pictures. None of me. Whoohoo!!

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