Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tom Petty

For Mother's Day and Father's Day I got tickets for my parents to Tom Petty. So, on August 16 we all sat around the campsite playing in the sun and drinking until it was time to go to the concert. We had a great time and all I have to say after spending the weekend is thank goodness for AC. As irritated as I sometimes get about all themoney Derek thinks we need to spend on our camper the AC really makes it worthwhile. So, we all had a blast and are looking forward to doing it again for Labor Day for Dave Matthews. Whoohoo!!

Ethan really enjoyed sitting on top of the camper and being able to
see all the campers and for once in his life he got to be tall.

Ethan is sooooooo hot

Stacy and Joe

The Piper Clan - Jack, Jennifer, Stacy and Joe
Niki and Jack playing around pre-really drunk Niki
I guess Ethan found something pretty funny
Addie thought Joe's camper was so cool
Addie and Jack are checking out the cows in the neighboring field
Here's Addie rolling down the hill at the concert before it gets too busy.

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Niki said...

Thanks for that. Where is the pic of me apparently passed out with the kids AT the concert? Good times.