Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas!!

Merry Christmas a few days late!!! I just wanted to share some pictures from our Christmas celebrations. Derek and I grew up with different holiday traditions so we have been working on creating our own traditions that work for us. Beginning last year I think we figured out how it will work every year when we are at home. So, Christmas Eve we head up to my parents house to celebrate Christmas Eve with a seafood feast and open up all of our presents to each other. We leave all of our gifts for the kids and for me and Derek at home. After we have gotten full of food, dessert and all the presents are opened we slowly mosey on home. The plan is for the kids to be asleep by the time we get home so that we get them up and tucked into their beds then get everything all set up for Christmas morning.

The next morning Ethan woke up first and came into our room. We told him it was too early and that we were all going to go back to sleep. So, we grabbed him and snuggled back into bed and then Derek jumped up and said "We can't go back to sleep. It's Christmas!!" So the three of us piled downstairs and started opening presents. We went ahead and just let Addie sleep until she woke up. Alisha made us some cinnamon roles that we ate for breakfast that were extremely yummy!! Nothing like homemade breakfast!!! After breakfast we watched the kids play for awhile until it was Addie's naptime, then I took a nap. I don't know how I will deal with Christmas once Addie doesn't nap. Eeeek!! After naptime I made risotto and took it over to the neighbors for dinner and we hung out there, ate, played guitar hero and just had a good night. It was a great, successful Christmas. Here are some pictures from our christmas celebrations!!

Christmas Kisses
Grandma's little Lamb Chop
Auntie got Addie a hop-a-roo
but she needs to grow into it
Ethan loves to eat with chopsticks
Ethan had one last present that wasn't wrapped
Ethan's very own keyboard. I guess it is time for Ethan to get some lessons.
Addie thinks it is pretty cool too. I think it will have to stay in Ethan's room.
Ethan loves his skateboard
Addie really loves Ethan's toys.
We spent Christmas morning at home. So when Ethan woke up we headed on down the stairs to see what Santa brought for us.
Addie's first doll house!!
Ethan loves legos!!
Addie has her own set of wheels. Hopefully her legs will be long enough to reach the pedals by spring.

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Mary Ellen said...

Sounds like an awesome holiday, Clara. Great photos too! My DH and I are still trying to create our own little family traditions too. BTW, I absolutely love your new blog design. Super cute.