Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa at Cabela's

Merry Christmas everyone!! Today is Christmas Eve, which is one of my favorite days of the holiday season. Today we are going to go up to my parents house for dinner but first I have to work for a few hours. Then off we go. this is the first of a few posts today. I think there will be 3 total of the pictures I have to put up. This first one is our trip to Cabela's on Sunday to see Santa. We brought Cristian along with us so that he could also tell Santa what he wanted. Addie wanted nothing at all to do with Santa so we don't have any pictures. As soon as she saw him she started panicking and kept repeating "All done! All done!!" It was kinda cute and we didn't make her go. Afterward we went for a little walk around Cabela's and got some fun pics while we were there.

Here the kids were "camping"These pics were taken around the animal mountain

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