Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowing in Olympia

So, the weather has hit Washington hard. At my house we have a good 6-8 inches of snow and we have 1-2 more snowstorms coming. The news said 6-12 inches in the South Sound area. What in the world? Am I still in Western Washington or did my house pick up and move itself to Cleveland. Jeez!! Craziness. We are enjoying it though. I stayed home with Ethan on Wednesday. That was a lot of fun. He was so excited for it to be just him and me all day. It was great. Thursday I decided to be brave and went to work. I left work early because it started snowing again. That night the neighbor and I rode the kids bikes in snow. It was pretty funny. I fell. Bikes don't move through the snow very well. Addie is not a big fan of the snow. I guess at daycare they took the kids outside for a little bit. She went out, touched the snow then stood by the door with her hands across her chest wanting nothing to do with the snow. I got to stay home with the kiddos today. Ethan and I wrapped some presents. He had fun learning how to wrap. You can definately tell which presents he wrapped but it is so darn cute. It was great to spend the day with them today. I have some pics of Ethan, the neighbor kids and his friend Cristian playing in the snow.
This first picture is my favorite. Ethan had a fundraiser for school and he set himself a goal to sell enough to go out to lunch for pizza in a limo. He had a pretty easy time of it and made about $30 more than he needed and got to go. So the morning of the limo ride I got up to him getting dressed in his best clothes. He didn't want to change anything so I had to convince him how much cooler it would be if I ironed his shirt. He cracks me up. Here's the picture I took before he left for school. I also thought I would brave it and let him take a camera to school to take pictures. He took pictures of everything but the limo ride. That he forgot to take the camera to. Crazy kid.
Ethan is trying to decide where to start with snow activities. The kids having a snowball fight
Ethan tries to save himself
Olivia, Cristian, Ethan and Gabby
See! It really does snow in Olympia!!
This is what I had to drive in. Yucky!!
I love snow skies.

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