Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Party

New Years was a blast. The annual party was a little small but it had all of our favorite people there, except for a couple of people who couldn't make it. We ate food, drank, played Rock band, watched the kids play, set off fireworks, hot tubbed and just hung out. It was a blast. I know I had a great time. Thank you everybody who came out. We had a fabulous time. Here are some fun pictures for you.

Addie sang her butt off. She couldn't sing the words so she sang a lot of "La La La's" and got some pretty decent scores.
Even Ethan was entralled with her singing
Niki-poo was rockin' the guitar!
Addie got some help from her Aunt Stacy
Jesse's turn to get funky
After all that work singing Addie needs to take a break and play drums from the floor.
Crazy rockin' faces
Cristian and Ethan are the best of friends
Addie got ahold of my camera and went a little crazy with it. She got some funny pics though.
self portraits
Other Stuff
Crazy Michelle
Poor Cristian busted his lipAddie fell asleep in Grandma's lap
But only for a minute
Then she wanted to play with the boys!!
Fireworks!! Scary!! Addie learning to play pool, only she's a little short to reach the floor.
Okay Addie, roll it that way
Just like that
Right into Jeff's head.
Jeff obviously survived a pool ball to the head.

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