Sunday, January 11, 2009

What happens when you leave a 6 year old in charge for a couple of minutes

So, on my quest to get some laundry done I asked Ethan is he would watch his sister for a few minutes. I am very sure it came out more like "Hey Ethan!! Watch your sister for a few minutes!!" The off I went upstairs for about 10 minutes to fold and put away some laundry. As I came around the corner to the stairs I saw Addie covered from head to toe in marker. Kinda funny but then I looked at what she was doing and saw that she had moved on from herself and was instead drawing on the door which was the last place she had drawn on after herself, the tile, the wall, and Ethan's carseat. I immediately yelled and Addie dropped the marker and ran. Then Ethan came running up and started sobbing. Poor kid. I sent him off to his room angry as can be since he was supposed to be watching her, but what should you expect from a 6 year old. So here are some pictures from my little artist. And by the way...Elmers makes this great product that removed all the marks from the tile and on the door. The wall, Ethan's carseat and Addie's body will be covered for awhile if not permanently.

This was a small amount comparatively to what it was. Multiply this by about 10. Look at the carseat below and that is what some of the tile looked like.

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Laura McGee said...

I think every kid has to do something like that one or twice... At least it didnt get on that nice new chair huh?

how are you guys?? i realized today its been almost two months since ive seen you guys!! thats so crazy since i used to see you every day!