Thursday, April 2, 2009

The freezing cold beach

The beach was freezing and often rainy but there were a few good days. here are some pics of us playing on the beach one day. I was playing with Addie on the swings and Derek was flying a kite with the boys. It was so cold but Addie wouldn't get out of teh swings and Ethan loved flying the kite. So we stayed out there until we were frozen solid. I love these photos from the beach!!

Ethan and Addie are always so cute together.

Oregon has a lot of law enforcement that use horses. they use them in Portland and obviously, as seen here, on the beach. It is one of the things I have always loved about Oregon.
Here's Ethan running on the beach to hear me because the wind was so loud he couldn't hear me unless he was real close.
The boys were flying a kite we got from a local kite shop. A pirate kite of course.
Like I said, Addie and I played on the swings. She was loving it no matter how cold she got.

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