Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Addie's weekend away

Ethan went to Cleveland for almost two weeks so my family decided that they should take Addie too so that we had a kidless house for a few days. Derek ended up going fishing so it was just me for the whole weekend. I don't have pics from Ethan's trip yet, but Alisha sent me hundreds of pics from her time with Addie. They had one heck of a weekend.

I'm not sure what she was pouting about but she is so good at it.
This girl can definately eat some corn. I think Alisha said she ate 3 of these.
You would think a social worker would know that you can't keep kids in the fridge. LOL!! Okay Addie thought it was funny to pretend hide in the fridge. she does this at my house too. Good thing she can't fit or this could be a bit dangerous.
Addie brings out the crazy side of Dan.
Addie loves to shoosh people.
Addie is a bubble blowing fool.
Alisha has been so excited to take Addie swimming for months.
I think it is a little bit chilly
I love this picture
More fun pool pics
Alisha wore her butt out!!
Chuck E. Cheese
Addie has been talking about going here for a few days now so I talked Alisha into taking her so that I didn't have to.
She used up all of her tokens to play on everything
Chuck E. scraed Addie so she hid behind her Auntie who would hopefully keep her safe
She really seemed to enjoy hanging out with Bob
and she is definately pals with Barney
Not quite sure where this was taken...but what an awesome pic
Grandma thought Addie needed some new shades
Chattin' it up with her brother
The kangaroo farm always looks better from above
Auntie and Addie
She loved the animals as long as she didn't have to touch them
Grandpa was willing to feed a llama from his mouth, although Addie would have nothing to do with it herself.
Dancing at the River Festival
And that was her weekend away.

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Emily said...

I know I'd seen them all on facebook, but I still love them all! That's one cute kid! :)