Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our New Life

So, right now I should be sleeping but I can't. Tomorrow is a big day. Enough of the traveling from place to place and finally we head to the place that will be our new home. We are planning on taking two days to get there, not because it will take us that long toget there but because we will be pulling a trailer behind us that may be a bit heavier than we should probably be carrying behind us, so we'll be going a bit slow...probably about 50 the whole way. So a 9 hour trip will probably take at least 12 if not more with all the stops that 2 kids and a husband with a pea sized bladder need to take.

So, life is about to get interesting. Housing is a little bit touchy. We decided that we were going to live on post because the housing lists weren't too bad and we could get more for our money that way, the only problem being that there would be a little bit of a gap between getting there and actually having a house. Looks like that gap may be a little longer than we hoped but hopefully not too long so until then we will be living in a camper trailer until then. Glamorous life, I know. But it will sure beat moving twice. So, like I said, I am quite anxious tonight and unable to sleep. Go figure.

Tomorrow we won't be heading out bright and early but instead will be headed out at about noon after we get some new tires on the camper and then we head out for this place called North Carolina. Wish us luck, pray for us, or whatever you do, because we'll need it. I know I'll be doing a lot of praying. Thankfully our kids are young and will love it all and think it is a grand adventure. Tonight Addie was beside herself and wanted to leave tonight. She is ready to go. I'm just ready to get settled. I don't know what N. Carolina will bring us, I know I wanted change and change is what we are getting so I am ready to head on this path to see what it brings and do my best to have open arms...although often times I wonder "What was I thinking?" But I know that with the support of my kids and husband with me and the support of my family from far away everything will be fine and God has led me to where we are supposed to be and is challenging us in so many ways and so many good things can come from this...I just wish it weren't the hottest part of the hottest season to be doing it in, of course. Thankfully we have AC!!

So, this ends my middle of the night ramblings and hopefully I can get some sleep. Goodnight!!

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