Saturday, May 26, 2007

Our trip to Tennessee!!

Here are some pictures from graduation...

We have had a great trip. It was great taking a 9 day vacation. We got to see some of our best friends, meet some new ones and visit with family. Our number one reason for our trip was to see Ashley graduate. We are so proud of her. We've known her and her mom, Debby since she was 10 or 11 when we were all stationed in Italy. So we saw her graduate and then the next day we went down to Chickamauga, Georgia to see Derek's grandparents and his parents. We visited and played in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After that we went back to Debby and Ashley's and got to go white water rafting, which I had never done. I'll put pictures of that up later today or tomorrow. So, now we are home and I have a couple of days to relax and get ready for work. I have to work on Memorial Day so I just get the short weekend, but that's fine with me. Derek and Ethan ran off to go camping with my sister. I'm sure they'll have a blast. They love camping.

Here are some other pictures from our trip...

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Debby Hutton said...

I can not wait to see all the pictures!!!
Thank you all for coming out! I miss you so much!!
Love Ya!!