Sunday, May 13, 2007

So, Ethan had his first run-in with fame today. We went to Salty's for Mother's Day brunch today and right as we were getting to leave we saw his sister getting food at the buffet on our side of the restaurant. My dad decided we should leave the direction that she came from and low and behold there was Sanjaya sitting at a table with his own Mama. So, we left and then asked Ethan is he saw him. Ethan hasn't encountered any reason why we would explain to him that not everything on TV is not real so he was confused and thought we meant we saw a statue of him. So, Alisha took Ethan back to meet him. Sanjaya told Ethan his mohawk looked cool and my son, who usually will never shut up would not speak or even look at him, much less get a picture. Too bad. It was a funny little experience.

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Anonymous said...

Definite entertainment. Your child was a total nut. When did he become shy? Crazy kid! Love ya Sis! Hope Tennessee is a blast!