Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hot Hot Heat!!!

So, it has been really warm here in Olympia. It may not be much compared to the rest of the world but for us its close to unbearable. I felt so bad for Ethan yesterday. Derek and I both work in extremely air-conditioned places so when we got home the heat just made us cranky and we could not get the house cooled down so Ethan was stuck with two horribly cranky parents with very little patience. Poor kid. We all just went to bed early and tried to think cool.

Because it was sooooooo hot here and we were anticipating it we bought a little kiddie pool for Addie to play in. She liked walking around the pool but did not like getting her little bottom wet. Here are some pictures of the pool adventure that Ashley took.

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Laura McGee said...

that was alot of fun. super cute pictures.. not of me though DELETE DELETE DELETE