Saturday, July 14, 2007

Trip to the Beach

Today Alisha, Ashley and I took the kids to Ocean Shores. Derek was on-call so we decided it would be a great day for the girls to go to the beach with the kids. Ethan loved the water and playing in the sand while Addie just liked to eat the sand. She liked the water for about a second and then she was done. We decided to brave taking Gryff with us along with a friend's new puppy. It was great. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Ethan the Merman

Addie's not so sure she likes the water

Ethan thinks sand in the mouth is yucky

Mommy and Addie watch the waves

She'll be walking any day now

Maybe we can build a sand castle

Addie thinks sand is yucky too

but she thought she'd try it first to make sure

bucket head

A towel is supposed to get wet, right?

It is much easier to walk two dogs in the movies

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Laura McGee said...

love all the pictures!! amazing!! glad you guys had a great time!!