Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter

So, July is a big month for us Harry Potter fans. Not only did the 5th movie come out but the 7th and last book will be coming out this weekend. Derek has become an IMax snob and insists we see movies like Harry Potter on the IMax screen. It is a great way to see exciting movies like that. Unfortunately, the nearest IMax is all the way in Seattle so it is quite an event to go to it. It was a lot of fun though. We went with Ashley, along with Laura (the nanny), Alisha and Stacy. It was great. Addie was good through the movie although she kept getting excited and would yell and clap. Cute but not what the other viewers wanted to see.

So, here's the cover for the last book. So excited about that. Its possible that there will be some sad things going on with it. Hopefully it isn't any sadder than the last book. I'm guessing it will be. The first books were all fun and happy and they have slowly become more serious and stuff. It will be interesting.

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Laura McGee said...

monday was so much fun! :) cant wait for the book! :) i love the fact that my name comes with a title now :) "the nanny" hee hee :) :)