Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fun Pictures for You

Hey everyone!! So, last weekend was definately all about Harry Potter. Derek and I have both finished the last book and all I can say is WOW!!! I was definately not disappointed with it at all. The epilogue could have been a little more informative but on the other hand I realized it really didn't matter. I'm just nosy.

I am including a few pictures for you. First I am sending some pictures from Ethan's performance at Vacation Bible School. He would cry every morning when I would drop him off but he would have so much fun. So, they put on a performance for us and it was so cute. One of his teachers is also the church interpretor for sign language so in their performance they did a lot of sign language, which Ethan loved. He is a sign language super star. I wish I knew of a way for him to actually speak to people but I don't know anywhere that he can interact with deaf kids or anything. If anybody knows of anything please let me know. So, that's one of the pictures. Then I have some pictures of Ethan, Ashley and Addie all in their pajamas. The red pajamas Ashley has on are actually mine but she thought they would be fun to wear with Ethan. They were pretty cute. Then I just thought I'd throw in a couple of cute Addie Paddie pictures.
Ashley is leaving us tomorrow. So sad :( She is coming back before Labor Day to go to school out here. I'm very excited for her. It will be fun to have her out here. Well, have a good week. Happy Hump Day tomorrow. It's my favorite day of the work week.

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