Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy Hump Day

So, I haven't been able to add stuff to my page as easily because the website was blocked at work but it seems to not be blocked today. So, here's some pictures I found that I had intended on putting up a while ago but forgot to. I need Ashley to get back here so we have more pictures. WE MISS YOU ASH!!! I realized I never put up the pictures from when Alisha took Ethan to the Kangaroo Zoo up in Arlington. I think I put one picture up but that's it, so here's more. Plus a couple of cute ones of Addie.

Nothing new here. Derek might take Ethan on a hiking camping trip. Which means bare necessities for camping instead of car camping where we take everything but the kitchen sink. It should be fun for them. I'm sure they will come back covered in dirt and grime and I'll have to scrub Ethan clean. Hopefully Derek will take the camera and get some good pictures. That will leave just me and Addie at home. I think Addie needs to stay out of the woods for a while. The last time when Derek took her camping she came back so full of snot, it was sad. I think she has allergies just like the rest of us. Poor girl. Happy hump day everybody. Ciao.

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Laura McGee said...

i know that bench picture! right before she crashed! lol :) cute pictures of the kangaroo zoo!! have to go some day!