Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We have to take more pictures

So, unfortunately Derek and I are really bad about taking pictures and since Ashley has left we have nothing new. I know that's horrible. I still wanted to put some new pictures up so here's a few from a few weeks ago.

Things here are pretty good. Addie is still working on walking but just not quite there. Lately she has learned that we hate it when she screams. So that's what she does when she's mad. It is not her cutest habit by any means. Hopefully she'll learn quickly that it won't be getting her very far. Unfortunately the best answer is to pick her up sometimes. What do you do?
We should be getting Ashley back at the end of August. We have definately noticed that she's gone. I can always find my hair dryer but I have to get the kids in the car by myself. Plus we don't have that one extra hand to do whatever needs doing. We do actually miss having her around. Once you get used to another person in the house it seems weird for them not to be there. I think she'll be coming at the end of August so she'll be able to come to the Dave Matthews concert with us. We already have a ticket for her she just needs to be here to use it.
I'll try and get some pictures between now and the time she gets back but there's no guarantee. Take care. I hope you are all having a good week.

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Laura McGee said...

ill be sure to get some cute ones at the fair today!