Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lonely week

So, this week we are without Derek. It is weird having him gone, but we are just going along doing our thing and staying somewhat busy. Ashley would be more help, except that she started school on Monday, so she just isn't able to be home to help, plus she's hopefully going to start working tonight at Big 5, a sporting goods store down the street. Laura should be having her baby any time now. She's due next week I believe. We are all so excited for her, plus everyone wants to see what the little guy is going to look like.

After we took Derek to the airport on Saturday we went directly to the Puyallup fair. We met up with Jack there, along with a bunch of his friends and Stacy. It was a blast. Ethan decided not to ride a sheep this year, so instead we rode some rides, looked at animals and ate great fair food. We had a blast and even though he was exhausted Ethan was pretty darn good most of the time. He loves his Uncle Jack, so I'm sure Jack got a little tired of the Ethan-sized growth he acquired at the fair, but he always handles it very well. I don't have pictures of the fair yet. I left my camera at home and am waiting for Jack to send some pictures. Soon hopefully. There were some cute ones.
So, that's about it. I'll hopefully have some great pictures from Derek's trip to Alaska up here soon for you guys to enjoy. Love you all!!

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Laura McGee said...

i MISS the kids already!!!! how am i going to go a month without them!!! the pictures are amazing! love how they turned out. :)