Monday, October 1, 2007

Laura's New Bundle

So, Friday morning, right after my alarm went off I was lying in bed debating whether or not to get up when I heard the house phone ring. So, I got up and ran downstairs, since it could be so many things this week to get it. Laura (our super nanny) was calling to let me know that she had some concerns about her pregnancy and wanted to go to the hospital, so needless to say she wouldn't be coming to work today. I couldn't find daycare with that short of notice so I stayed home with the kids. I was busy busy all day long. Anyway, later that moring Laura let me know that the doctor decided that since she was already there she could go ahead and have a C-section that evening. She had already scheduled a C-section for the following week since they had a feeling she was having a giant baby and a natural delivery was unlikely.

Anyway, that night she finally brought beautiful Kason Fitzgerald into the world. 9lbs and 5oz. I brought her family food so they let me see and hold Kason. We are so excited for them. Yay Laura and Logan!! Congratulations on your beautiful, healthy baby boy!!!

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