Tuesday, March 11, 2008

pictures as promised

Here are the pictures that i tried getting up lastnight.
Ethan cheesing it with his hippo webkinz. The big one is JoJo and the little one is her baby Bell
I think he looks really cute here! :) and there is Bell he is holding
Showing off Bell
Ethan had me take this picture of JoJo and Bell

Miss Addie
i LOVE this picture of her!!
Totally zonked out on the couch!
she looks so sweet.


The Riggle's said...

Laura...you are so awesome. I love that I have been able to see pictures of what you guys have been up to while we were gone. I am so excited to come home and see my babies. 13 days is too long to be away from them. The vacation was nice but now it is time to be home.

Niki said...

All Addie needs is a beer and a remote and I bet she would look just like her uncle Jack, and probably her Daddy too passed out on the couch!!!